Monday, August 24, 2009

Another weekend in AC

Well, this time I went to AC for a much needed "girl's weekend." No monetary goals in mind, other than using my winnings to have a little fun. I played again in the midnight bounty tournament at Harrah's. Made the final table, but ended up going out ninth.
Of course, no money for this, although I *did* get $30 of my $70 entry back in bounties. Then, I went to the $1/$2 no-limit table and managed to win a couple hundred. Sounds good, but I promptly wasted it all on my weekend! My winnings paid for Friday & Saturday night in a 1 1/2* hotel, 1 $40 buffet at Harrah's, 1 knock off coach wallet, 1 bottle of perfume, 2 bottles of wine, a $30 dinner at a gluten-free Italian place, various McDonald's/Wendy's trips, 4 new shirts from Lane Bryant & Ashley Stewart, a tank of gas and a partridge in a pear tree :P My only expenses were a one hour massage and some tolls for the weekend, so basically mission accomplished. I felt relaxed and refreshed when I got back!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another day, another bounty

Decided to go up to Atlantic City this weekend on a lark. Again, I decided to try my way with $55 gambling money. Again, I was able to pad my bankroll up to about $120 and then buy into the $70 bounty tournament. This was a daytime tourney, so much fewer players. There were only 28. Ended up winning the tournament - cashing for $689 and taking down $20 in bounties (which I tipped the dealers with.) Spent a little on a room and lost $120 at Tropicana. (Why I go there I have no idea - please remind me never to do that again!) Still a good return on my $55. Who's with me next weekend? ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Harrah's Midnight Bounty Tournament

I decide at this point to sink our winnings into the midnight tournament at Harrah's (just under our rooms.) It was a $70 buy-in with $10 bounty per knock out (meaning you get $10 for every person you put out of the tournament.) Worst luck ever, when we signed up, they assigned Davy & I to the *same table*. We did our best to avoid each other, but that rarely works out.

Within the first hour, Davy managed to snag one $10 bounty and I got two. Davy made several small mistakes with failing to raise properly and they really really cost him as his better hand was sucked out on. After that, he was on the critical list and was quickly out. I picked up 2 more bounties over time and continually had just over the "average" chip stack - never really getting low stacked or big stacked. Before you knew it, they announced the final table.

The only girl at the final table, I looked around at the chip stacks. The "big stack" had about 200k, with blinds at 5k and 10k. The low stack had about 35k. My stack was 75k and that put me at about 6th out of the 10. Sometimes when you're playing - you just know you've got it. I was dealt a couple of great hands that let me steal some blinds and squeeze up to 90k. Then I just sat back and watched them annihilate each other. When we were 1 away from the money, I ended up all-in for my tournament life with 9-9. Guy across lets me know that he *folded* 9-9 and the caller called me with Q-J off suite. Luckily, the nines held up and I doubled up through what was a very big stack. With the blinds up to 15k & 30k, this was significant. We made some jokes about splitting the pool, but no one was game. We took up a collection for the "bubble" to get his buy in back and the very next hand the bubble was burst. Fifth place went out shortly thereafter and we were down to four. At this point, I had raised a couple of hands preflop with no callers and my stack was close to 200k - 3rd biggest stack. The smallest stack then crippled the 2nd biggest stack, who soon thereafter went out to me and I was the 2nd biggest stack.

The small stack tried to convince the big stack to do a split and then play for "the change" - or about $200 for the winner on top of the split. He refused, and in two hands I trapped him and he was out. Guess he should have taken the deal :P

At this point, I had about double the other player's stack. $1212 for first and $698 for second - he offered a split. Looking at my stack, I refused. I then played and won the next five hands in a row and it was all over. Final hand he had J-2 and pushed all in. I called with Q-J and a Q fell on the flop to seal his fate. I cashed out with $1212 + $40 in bounties, which I gave to the dealer pool for the tip.

Since some of my winnings were still back at the room, we were up overall about $1300 for the weekend at this point. I quickly rushed to the cash counting Bank of America ATM and deposited $1100 before I spent it.

Drunken Poker

I had to take over 30 minutes in the room drinking coffee to sober up enough to play poker. I was still not tip top, but I was ordering fake red bulls (stupid casinos give me "Zoom") left and right. My streak continued and by the time we got back to bed, we were up $200.

Headed to the Emeril cooking demonstration. For some reason, I thought we'd get some *food* for this $75 ticket but that was incorrect. You just got to smell the food. ARGH! Ended up using some of dad's food comps to gorge on the buffet directly after. I personally tried to ensure the extinction of all crab again, and I think my effort was valiant.

Poker Perfect Storm

Ok - I'm a pretty good player - not the best in the world, but I can hold my own. This weekend it was like I was King Midas and everything I touched turned to gold. Play was softer than Santa's belly, which sure helped. I actually had a hand that went like this-

me - AK. I raise to $4 pre-flop and get 5 callers. Flop comes A-7-J. I bet, 2 callers. Turn is a 4. I bet, 1 caller. River is a 5. I bet, same one caller. He turns over 5-3. Really?! Thanks for your money.

Every table I bought in for $20, and every table I got up with $50+. By the end of the night, I was dancing as I had about $200. Davy was at $65 so we were about $158 ahead.

Meeting up with Dad, he lets us know he's over $300. I go to get ready for my Colicchio time with Anna (my stepmom). We get all dolled up and head for the pool at Harrah's.

The pool area is beautiful and there are booths everywhere with food, wine, desserts and drinks. After obtaining some Moet & Chandon, we get in line for some sort of beef dish. Got into a slight altercation with some line cutting Jersey Girls - but I took care of that - shoooot. :P We ate one of just about everything - from Lobster guacomole to steak tartar to sashimi to shrimp ceviche to Baileys Lattes. I probably gained 3 pounds and I was definitely drunk off my ass. Only bummer was that Colicchio never showed up. I was pretty pissed to be stood up - so of course I stalked him to the after party. I mean, I just happened to see him at the after party. Yeah....

Look out Jerky Boys

So, we went to the Food & Wine Festival in A.C. After several snafus, this is how the money ended up breaking down by the time we were there - I loaned my dad $100, had $55 for me, $52 for Davy and $60 held back for meals that were not already paid for.

We arrived to our $9 hotel rooms (thanks Expedia refer a friend) in Absecon around 4 am. Bleary-eyed, the hotel operator had some difficulty identifying our names on the reservations, which gave us some panic as none of us could dial the UK from our cell phones, but eventually he became literate and we got to our rooms. We stayed at the Crystal Inn & Suites. As my name is Crystal, I thought it might be lucky. The room was surprisingly nice for the price - marble topped furniture, a nice new room. One little shampoo and the chappiest towels I've ever seen in my life, but plenty of pillows and a clean room are sure hard to find in Absecon - I might even stay there for full price! If you go Sun-Thur, only book one room because they give you $20 specials - your choice of a jacuzzi upgrade, second room or second night for $20. Damn fine deal.

Whilst I was dreaming, dad of course hurried to the nearest casino and he was up to $130 by the time we woke up in the morning. I then insisted we fill the car with gas, which brought him back to $100 lol.

Our first stop was the Taj Mahal to play some $2/$4 limit. Dad went to the neighboring Showboat. Bought into one $2/$4 table with $20 and cashed out with $85. Davy bought in with $20 twice and cashed out with $32 for an $8 loss. Up to $155 between us after waitress tipping. Dad picked us up and was up to $145 himself.

At this point, it was time to check into our free room at Harrah's that was part of the package deal. We had the sweetest lady at the checkin and Dad was laying on the Southern Charm thick, so we got a sweet Bayview upgrade. Tower was directly over the poker room, which was super nice for me as well. The room was beautiful and the beds were fluffy. Took a quick shower and got ready for some more poker. Rooms cost us $13 a day in tax, which I dutifully charged to my credit card so as not to "waste" any gambling money :)