Monday, September 14, 2009

WPT Ladies Event

I knew it was serendipity when I saw the number of entrants – 269. Why? The Ladies’ WSOP tournament that I entered in March had the exact same number of entrants! After 11 grueling hours of play, I was finally in the money. At this point, the average chip count was around 110k and I was sitting on 160k. A small raise comes from my right and I call with KQ of hearts. Flop comes Q-Q-2. Same bet from my right and I just call. 9 on turn. Double that bet from right and I push all in to an insta-call. She flips over 9-9. Wish I’d just pushed on the flop because I would have taken down a 100k pot instead of *losing* 120k. I then doubled up my short stack a couple of times and managed to hang on to final table. Went out 9th when my pocket fours ran into pocket Kings. I’ll take it :)

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