Friday, September 10, 2010

Long time, No Post!

Well everyone - a lot has changed recently! I have moved to Maryland from Richmond and I am oh so much closer to the casinos. With the advent of live table games in DE, PA and WV, I'm never more than 90 minutes from a game.

Two weeks ago, I went to AC and won a $30 satellite into the $250 entry fee House of Blues Poker Open. Although I didn't finish in the money, I really got my money's worth for $30!

Stay tuned for the latest as I'm planning my next Vegas trip as we speak!


  1. we just come back from AC also and didn't do well at all, I am primarily a video poker player myself. I wish I had the courage to play live poker in the casinos but for now the non high stakes home version will have to do. Glad to see the blog entry

  2. You should try a nice small stakes live tournament. Weekday tournaments in AC are often $50 - $60. Totally worth it.