Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Atlantic City here I come

So, my last trip to Atlantic City was not all that fruitful, but my dad was with me. He managed to get SUPER rated while he was there and now we keep getting crazy offers in the mail. Just in the past few weeks - he's gotten $100 Fri, $100 Sunday; $200 Friday; $150 Fri & $150 Sat offers. PLUS we got an amazing package to the Atlantic City Food & Wine festival at the end of the month. I'm all for a free trip and for meeting Tom Colicchio - so I'm there. Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Crystal,
    We are heading to vegas first week of August, I don't know how often you check your blog but was wondering what are WIN cards. I ordered the american casino book. If you get a chance to explain to me what that is my email add is jstrauss1@chartermi.net. I am trying to see how cheap 4 of us can go for 4 days, and your blog has been a big help thanks. Jolene

  2. We are making a 2 day trip to Atlantic City in Sept. I will be eager to hear about your trip report as I have heard that wins are really down there. I also heard that the dealers were on strike. This last trip to Vegas 5/09 was the most I have lost EVER. Hope that AC gains me some back. Good Luck!