Thursday, August 13, 2009

Look out Jerky Boys

So, we went to the Food & Wine Festival in A.C. After several snafus, this is how the money ended up breaking down by the time we were there - I loaned my dad $100, had $55 for me, $52 for Davy and $60 held back for meals that were not already paid for.

We arrived to our $9 hotel rooms (thanks Expedia refer a friend) in Absecon around 4 am. Bleary-eyed, the hotel operator had some difficulty identifying our names on the reservations, which gave us some panic as none of us could dial the UK from our cell phones, but eventually he became literate and we got to our rooms. We stayed at the Crystal Inn & Suites. As my name is Crystal, I thought it might be lucky. The room was surprisingly nice for the price - marble topped furniture, a nice new room. One little shampoo and the chappiest towels I've ever seen in my life, but plenty of pillows and a clean room are sure hard to find in Absecon - I might even stay there for full price! If you go Sun-Thur, only book one room because they give you $20 specials - your choice of a jacuzzi upgrade, second room or second night for $20. Damn fine deal.

Whilst I was dreaming, dad of course hurried to the nearest casino and he was up to $130 by the time we woke up in the morning. I then insisted we fill the car with gas, which brought him back to $100 lol.

Our first stop was the Taj Mahal to play some $2/$4 limit. Dad went to the neighboring Showboat. Bought into one $2/$4 table with $20 and cashed out with $85. Davy bought in with $20 twice and cashed out with $32 for an $8 loss. Up to $155 between us after waitress tipping. Dad picked us up and was up to $145 himself.

At this point, it was time to check into our free room at Harrah's that was part of the package deal. We had the sweetest lady at the checkin and Dad was laying on the Southern Charm thick, so we got a sweet Bayview upgrade. Tower was directly over the poker room, which was super nice for me as well. The room was beautiful and the beds were fluffy. Took a quick shower and got ready for some more poker. Rooms cost us $13 a day in tax, which I dutifully charged to my credit card so as not to "waste" any gambling money :)

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