Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An inauspicious start

My Vegas trip started off with more of a whimper than a bang. Upon arriving at the airport, I was told that my 5:20 flight was delayed to 5:45. As my husband's flight was 5:55, this seemed fine to me. At 5:00, were informed that our plane was STILL IN ATLANTA and that it would not arrive until 7:20 because of mechanical issues. As my connection time in Atlanta was 9:30, I began to panic. I had to get in line behind about fifty other people with similar problems. I waited in line for about 25 minutes before I finally called the number for Delta to see if maybe a phone agent could get me on my husband's flight before I missed the only flight I could still catch out. They informed me that the only flight they could get me on was in the morning. At 5:40, I arrived at the front desk. I begged the gate agent to help me get on my husband's flight, which had not yet departed. She informed me that she had already called about that flight and that it was oversold. As I was standing there, the flight time for my flight changed from a 7:20 departure to an 8:15 departure (meaning I could not make my connection.) She offered me the next flight out in the morning at 6:00 am, arriving 11 hours late in Las Vegas. I asked to be put on standby for the 6:45 flight. Standby ticket issued - 33rd on the list. Sigh.......

I spent the next hour calling the hotel (which of course was in my name) and switching the reservation to Davy's name, calling Alamo and cancelling my reservation and making one for Davy and furiously texting confirmation numbers, addresses and phone numbers to Davy, because I was the one who had everything. I was thankful I had at least given Davy his half of the gambling money - so he would not be broke as I had the credit card as well.

As the 6:45 flight boarded without a single standby clearing, I trudged back up to the line. When I got back up to the front, I resignedly asked to be put back on the 6:00 am flight. I must have looked like someone had just kicked my puppy because the (new) gate agent asked me "Are you sure that's okay?" I then started crying and told her I was just dissapointed because my husband was already on his way to Vegas and I was stuck in Richmond. I apologized for crying. She then said to me "How about if we fly you to Atlanta in First Class. Would that help?" The frugal brat in me was able to raise an eyebrow in excitement. She then starts furiously typing away on the keyboard. She asks me who booked my crazy 2 stop return flight. I told her I booked with miles and think they punish you by making it unpleasant. She laughed and then turned to the other gate agent and asks "Atlanta to Las in J?" I know J is business class, so I get excited. The other agent looks at my tear streaked face and says "Just document it." New agent gives me a sly conspiratorial smile and a thumbs up sign. I smile. First class for my six hour flight sure sounds good to me since I was going to be stuck in the morning either way. Plus, as I stupidly chose Delta for my miles loyalty, despite the fact that I have accumulated over 200k miles, almost none of those have been flying, so my status is bubkis. A "non-status" upgrade is a rarity indeed, and I shall appreciate it fully. Shoulda picked American back in the day. Sigh...

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