Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stop #1 - Mandalay Bay

I chose Mandalay Bay to begin the couponing because it was closest to the airport. I was able to park close to the escalators which let you out surprisingly close to the casino floor. This was ideal for the coupon run. A short walk to get the MGM card and I filled out the WIN card coupons at the same desk. They issue a voucher and you take your money over to the cashier. I handed her our vouchers and $40 and I was given $60 in promotional chips and 2 $1 dealer tip coupons. Remaining budget = $113. I had already decided to use mine on craps.

I put $5 on the pass line just as a new shooter was about to roll. Point after point after point, the shooter made his roll until my $5 bet was STILL on the pass line and I had $60 in chips in my rack. I finally decide to place another $5 promotional chip on odds and then the shooter craps out. (Maybe I'm bad luck lol.) My next $5 goes out there and the new shooter rolls a seven - Winner! Now I have $65. The next rolls were all losers and I was out of promotional chips.

About ten minutes into the amazing roll, Davy began whining about his back hurting. Thirty minutes later, he was on full tilt. As soon as my promotional chips were done, he snatched his and ran over to the nearest blackjack table. He lost every hand. We cash in for the $65. Remaining budget = $178.

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