Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stop #2 - Hard Rock

The Hard Rock certainly lives up to its name. I walk into guitars on the wall and Aerosmith blaring. The casino floor is rather small and circular. All of the signs are in weird colors and strange fonts, so it's hard to read things. Instead of the typical "Cashier" sign - I get a Hot Pink sign that says something like "The Hard Rock Bank - What we're all here for." Sheesh. I head first to the front desk and ask for a coupon book. They ask if I'm staying in the hotel and I answer honestly "No." Much searching goes on and they say they have only one left and give it to me. Score! It has a $10 matchplay in it. I then take my ACG coupons over to the promo desk and get my free slot play.

The way the slot play works at Hard Rock is that they give you $10 "bonus dollars" that pay you back based on your bet. If make a $1 roll on a slot machine, you get whatever you would have gotten off of the roll + $1 in "bonus" money. Davy & I both stick a $1 bill into the machine and activate it. Remaining budget = $176.

Davy immediately hits a bonus round and takes it for $15. I knew there was a reason I keep him :) I manage to win $8. Total budget = $199.

I head to the craps table to play my matchplay. We try to bet one on pass and one on don't pass, but are immediately shut down by the Dealer. Oh well. I play mine and it loses. Davy plays his and it wins. Net = $10 win. Total budget = $209.

We then go back to the Player's Club area to get the WIN card vouchers. (In retrospect, we should have done that the LAST time we were there!) We take the vouchers and the $40 over to the cashier and get our $60 promo chips and 2 $1 dealer tip coupons.

I go to the craps table and my $30 promo chips becomes $15 real chips. Ouch.

Davy plays blackjack and his $30 promo chips becomes $10 real chips. Yeah, guess you shouldn't have hit that hard 13 against a dealer four, huh?

Remaining budget = $194.

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