Friday, May 1, 2009

Stop #3 - Planet Hollywood

Now on to Planet Hollywood. This monolith is directly on the strip. Traffic getting there from the Hard Rock was a bear and I wish we had found a side road to take, considering the parking entrance is actually not off of Las Vegas Boulevard. After parking, we have to walk all the way to the Las Vegas Blvd. entrance to find the Player’s Club. When I say all the way, I mean like half a mile through a never-ending circular mall. For God's sake - use valet parking here! I ask about the sign on bonus and she explains to me that you get $5 free slot play. If you earn 4 points ($40 coin in) you get an additional $15 slot play. You also get a nice coupon book with a $25 match play coupon.

I play my $5 and win $9. Davy plays his $5 and wins $13. We also get a couple of nice pina coladas and are pretty happy at this point. $3 in tips go to the waitress. We opt to parlay the $22 pay out and see if we can earn 4 points. After 30 more $1 spins, I have my 3 points (and $27.) The $15 earns us a pitiful $6 return, but we’re still up to $32. We decide to parlay again and earn the four points on Davy’s card. This netted us $34 in winnings. New budget = $225.

We cautiously head to the craps table with our matchplays. $50 is a crapload of money and if we hadn’t just won $34 of it, I would have been even more scared. Again, we are shut down on the pass/don’t pass idea. I play my $25 on the pass line and win. Davy loses. Net win = $25. Whew! Current remaining funds $250.

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