Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stop #21 - Jerry's Nugget

With our bellies full of lobster and questionable meat, we head out for Jerry’s Nugget. To our surprise, there are lots of goodies in store for us at the Nugget. Upon signing up, you get a rather nice Jerry’s Nugget t-shirt, $5 in slot play, and a chance to spin the Jerry’s prize wheel on the kiosk (prizes range from a match play to $50 cash.) I won a $10 matchplay and Davy won a $5 matchplay. Since that’s what we were here for, not too shabby. We sit down at the $2 blackjack table. There is only one other guy there, playing $100 a hand. Seemed strange, but whatever.

First two hands ($5) are winners, so I go for my $10 matchplay next. Getting an 11 against a dealer five, I double down. Ouch, I catch an ace. I turn to Davy just in time to hear him motion for a hit. Looking at his hand – I am ready to come across the table – he has a farking hard 14!! He catches an eight and dealer gets a five to go along with her fifteen.

What happens next is not for the ears of children, so I’ll just move on. Total money in the pocket $274.

I have one question is hitting on hard fourteen a cause of action in divorce?


  1. Should've stuck to craps! Davy can't make any mistakes in tossing the dice. (Well, unless he throws them off the table).

  2. Oh yes, he can. He almost got us killed by a questionable sort at Buffalo Bill's when he repeatedly said "So, you don't win if you hit a SEVEN, right?"