Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop #8 - Four Queens

The Four Queens is quite small, or maybe it’s just because the ceiling is so much lower than the strip casinos. It was completely packed this Saturday night though! After getting in line at the Player’s Club we turned in our vouchers (from the club line) for the Win cards and proceeded to the cage. Turning in the twenty dollars we were handed two win card packs for $15 each plus 2 $1 dealer tips. I went straight for the blackjack table. $5 a hand didn’t last long and unfortunately, I only got up with $10 in real chips.

Davy’s first hand was a blackjack, but then nothing, so he got up with $7.50. Nursing our $2.50 loss, we headed to the craps table for our matchplay. In went my $10 with my coupon and voila – I won! I gave Davy my same $10, and it was unfortunately a loser. Still, we left with $27.50 for a $7.50 win at that casino. Total remaining funds = $267.


  1. You went down Freemont and didn't stop in most of the places? Shame you didn't hit up Mermaids down the way. We were tipped off that if you tip even half-decently, the servers will keep you in the drink all night long.

    We were only there about an hour, tipping $2 a pop for drinks that were actually GOOD and not at all watered down. They brought them so fast that we couldn't even finish them before we'd have another one.

  2. Doh! Stupid me...didn't see the previous stops. Looks like you didn't hit Binion's for your free picture with $1 Million though. Other than that, they were somewhat of a rip-off.

  3. Daniel, Last time I was there they had taken down the $1,000,000 thing.