Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop #16 - The Wynn

Next stop was the even more opulent Wynn. Never have I been to two places in such succession where I obviously did not belong. Like Planet Hollywood, the Wynn forces self parkers to go through their shopping area, including the Ferrari store. For $10, you can go in and look at the cars (free for Ferrari owners.) Not even living in the same zip code as a Ferrari owner, we passed on that waste of money.

Heading towards the Player’s Club area, I spied the spinning wheel for new players that I saw advertised on the sign. Word was that the minimum spin value was $10. Well, it’s a bunch of hooey. In order for a new member to get to spin said wheel, s/he must earn 100 points ($100 coin in on slots.) Now, were I planning to do something OTHER than a coupon run, that would be good, but since that’s not the case – boo.

If you give the Wynn your email address (or your neighbor’s email address :) ) they give you $10 slot play. I’m apparently pathetic, because my $10 became $3 in winnings, but Davy slapped them for a nice $17. Net profit = $20. While playing the slots, I was visited by about three different cocktail waitresses. That meant three dollars went into tips for my tasty cocktails. By this point, I was fairly sauced and we left the Wynn with our $17 in winnings. $352 in our pockets.

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  1. Oh, at least you didn't drop $500 in an hour getting 4 "free" buffets and a line pass (plus $10 in FreePlay). But I am getting three comped nights and $200 in FreeCredit, so I still may come out ahead in this deal. . .