Friday, May 1, 2009

Stop #7 - Main Street Station

At Main Street Station, we are instructed to turn in our Printable Coupons for actual vouchers for BOGO buffet. The player’s club is near the hotel registration area. After an amusing incident where one old lady told another old lady where to find the line, followed by several heavily accented “Goddammit”s from the second old lady, I got my voucher. Total price for two buffets with drink = $16.

We lucked out, as there was some sushi on the buffet that was quite delicious. The quantity was limited, so Davy & I went ahead and took it all J Overall, this buffet had none of my usual crab legs, but was an absolute steal for $8 a piece. The food was much better than your usual buffet fare. Avoid the dessert area though, as most of those tasted like pastries from the dollar tree.

After our $4 tip and various buffet line tips, our remaining funds were $260.

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  1. Friday night is seafood night for the buffet. The standard buffet is Sun, Mon and Wed.