Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stop #24 - Big Horn?

After the depressing Riviera, we headed for the seedy Big Horn casino (I’ll give the caveat here that I’m not actually sure whether we went to the Big Horn or the Long Horn cause I had a coupon for both and I only went to one. If the description sounds wrong to you, please let me know.)

The place kind of looked like a Western Diner and it must be a local Hispanic hangout, because everyone there, including the staff was Hispanic. The cashier was a tiny cage in the corner and that was also where you got your player’s card. I ordered a pina colada, but they said they didn’t have any, but they had strawberry daiquiris. Believe it or not, they were FANTASTIC and I quickly got a brain freeze from trying to drink it too fast.

Through my throbbing eyes, I look down at a blackjack table. Davy attempted to sit at third base again, but I nipped that right in the bud. Negative – wait your turn! The dealer made a mistake on the hand he was dealing and accidentally hit a guy who waved off, pit boss came out and made an awesome ruling which made everyone at the table winners, so they were feeling good.

My first hand – Blackjack! Hell yes - $30 richer. Davy’s hand was a 14 against a dealer eight. Sarcastically looking at me and asking if he should hit, I give him a shove and does. It’s a seven! OH YES - $20 more. After tipping the wonderful maven who informed me of the daiquiris, we left there with $395.


  1. It sounds like the Bighorn. The Longhorn is on the Boulder Highway, across from the Eastside Cannery. The Bighorn is in N. L.V., which is a Hispanic area. Congrats on your blackjack run!

  2. Yeah, I never actually found EITHER of those casinos, so that makes sense lol.

  3. So if it wasn't Bighorn or Longhorn, which casino was it? Sounds like a nice place -- lenient pit boss and they paid you the full 3:2 on your whole wager, not just the live cash portion.

  4. Oh, I meant Eastside Cannery or Longhorn. It was definitely the Big Horn - I checked the player's card when I got home.