Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop #17 - Ellis Island

At this point, as I should not be driving anywhere, I decide to go ahead and drive to Ellis Island for some much needed dinner. Those crab legs from the AM are long since forgotten and I’m ready for a nice steak special.

The waiting list at Ellis Island restaurant is a typical 45 minutes. After getting on the list, and visiting the little cocktail drinkers room, we head over to the Player’s Club area. It’s basically a cash register over in the corner. We’re told that 5000 points will be deposited onto our card that we can use the next day. Well, I’m way too lazy to remember that – so those points are STILL on my card right now :P.

I redeem my coupon for the $10 slot plays and head straight to the bar with my 4 free drinks coupon. I am told that you must use the coupon for four drinks AT ONCE. I opt for two pina coladas and two bottles of water. I think Davy got the same order again about ten minutes later.

My $10 in free play entertains me until the table is ready. I end up cashing out only $2 and Davy has given the machine $5 of his own money, for a net loss of $3. You really shouldn’t slot machine drunk. No wonder the drinks are free!

We sit down to dinner with $345 after tips and slot playing. The steak was AMAZING although the waitress (who was in fact busting her ass) was not very bright. She messed up several things and forgot our silverware for 10 minutes. Luckily, we’re happy drunks so we didn’t really care. Plus, the tastiness of the meat helped. At $6.99 (including your baked potato, vegetables and a fresh brew) it just could not be beat. With tax, tip and sodas, our total came to $24. My BOGO coupon from ACG was rejected as it said “menu item” and the special is not a menu item. Too good to care. We left Ellis Island with $321.

BTW - the restaurant placemat included a $5 matchplay coupon. After playing our matchplay coupons from the restaurant and ACG, we ended up breaking even.


  1. You didn't use the matchplay from the ACG or the restaurant placemat? For shame ... :)

  2. To be fair, though, last time I was there I took advantage of three bourbon old-fashioneds and a microbrew, then proceeded to lose the rest of my bankroll. They are sneaky little buggers over there.

  3. Should have used the BOGO coupon for the King Cut Prime Rib (to die for), best Prime Rib I have ever had in Las Vegas hands down. This item sells for $10.99 and includes all the bells and whistles plus either a micro brew or a root beer. OOP $10.99 plus tip for a full dinner for 2.

  4. just got back from our 2009 trip and the King Cut Prime Rib is up to $12.99 but the still give to all the fixings and allow the BOGO