Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop #20 - The Lucky Club

The Lucky Club was possibly the seediest casino I have ever seen. The interior was reminiscent of night clubs of my youth - with black painted walls and overly loud music. However, they had an amazing deal for Lucky Club members in the restaurant. $3.99 got you steak and three fried shrimp, while $6.99 got you steak & a lobster tail. Vegetables were free, but you had to pay $1 for a baked potato, and $1.25 for a salad. (I missed the free potato & salad at Ellis Island!) The steak was an overly marbled NY Strip, but the lobster was delish! I was able to use the ACG drink coupon for free drinks with my meal. I'm always up for lobster with a side of desperation.

After signing up for their club, we were given $5 free slot play and a little ticket for $10 matchplay. DO NOT give the players club your $5 matchplay, as that has to be played directly at table. The $10 matchplay ticket is a gimmick that you can only redeem after playing for 30 minutes at $5 per hand. Bleh. My $5 earned me $6.50 and Davy earned $5.50, for a net profit of $12. My matchplay was a winner, while Davy’s was a loser, for another $5. With the $17 winnings, subtracting the $23 dinner tab we spent $6 on our lobster dinner for two.

Pocket now contains $284.

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