Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stop #22 - Terrible's

On caveat about Terrible’s – they recently combined all of their casinos onto one card, so there is no longer a sign on bonus for each casino. We both head to Terrible’s to receive some free loot. New members get a nice looking t-shirt and a deck of cards, plus $5 in slot play, and an entry into their slot tournament – which happens at special machines anytime you want. After getting our stuff, we head for the tournament machines. Davy scores an 800, while I get what I thought was an impressive 3200. Looking at the leader board – you would need at least 4,100 to qualify for a prize. Oh well. I get a pina colada within seconds of sitting down and my $5 nets me $8. Davy wants to go to the eBay machine, which was in the middle of hitting a shared bonus. I point out the idiocy of this (can’t hit another bonus while one is going on and $5 doesn’t last for more than 10 spins.) Davy gets pissed off and goes to the Bonus 7’s machine and hits max bet and quickly stops the reels – glaring at me. It his for $32! Quickly pushing the cashout button, I again get him to switch machines. There’s another Bonus 7’s on the other side. Davy puts in the remaining $4, and hits this one for $38. HA! I may (ok probably not) forgive him for the hard 14. Total winnings from Terribles = $78, which, after tips for the waitress, puts the pocket money at $349.

Terrible's is not so terrible after all.

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