Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stop #24 - Riviera

The Riviera reminded me of an empty Hilton built in the seventies. Everything was kind of dated in a used-to-be-fancy kind of way. The place was relatively empty and the patrons looked like an ad for gamblers’ anonymous. There was a guy peddling lotion at a little dingy shop on the way in. Heading for the player’s club, we are informed that there are two promotions – one is you pay $20 for $40 in slot money that can only be used on special machines and only pays for a jackpot (hrmm….uh no.) The other is that new members have their choice of a free show ticket (Crazy Girls, etc.) or a randomly awarded slot play of $1 - $500. Davy says “Slot play,” which of course makes my decision as I’m not going to a show alone. He gets $1, I get $2, which nets us nothing because we stick our meager $3 winnings into a Harley Davidson slot. Should have taken the tickets.



  1. I got $1 there too! Memo to everyone: TAKE THE SHOW TICKET. I think they were giving away a free breakfast or lunch buffet, earlier.

  2. For the love of all things holy, stay far, far away from food at the Riviera. We tried the steak special at Katy's and the breakfast buffet and those were two of the worst meals I've ever had.