Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop #13 -The Silverton

Let me just say – I love the Silverton! This casino is a lot nicer than I expected, both from its location and outside appearance. It’s quite posh, but with a nice lodge feel as well. After signing up for the slot club, they loaded $10 free play onto my card. I gave them my bogo buffet coupon, which they exchanged for a coupon that could actually be used at the buffet. Also, all new players signing up get a voucher for a FREE night in the hotel (based on availability of course) for any time in the next two months. The pictures of the rooms are really nice. For posterity sake, I should have gotten one, but I already had two rooms for Sunday night and that would have just been silly.

My $10 slot play became $21 in real money and Davy took his machine for $37. Total free money = $58!! (Now $417)

We went over to the buffet. It was Sunday brunch for $18.99. With our coupon, total was $21 or so. (Back down to $396.) Ended up tipping various buffet line people because they were awesome, so another $6 there.

Let me just tell you, this was the best buffet I had in Vegas, and maybe one of the best buffets I ever had. This was not your typical breakfast buffet. First of all, there was all you can drink champagne, but they had various champagne drinks as well – mimosa, bellini, mango, raspberry – um, just yumminess.

There was a full omelet bar, crab legs, shrimp, pastas, sausages, sushi – you name it! I personally attempted to ensure the future extinction of all crab. I think I made a valiant effort.

I tipped the waitress $10 because she was amazing. She kept the drinks flowing, and even brought me a warm wet towel and some lemons so I wouldn’t smell like a fishery all day. I truly had a great experience here and I can say whole heartedly that I would pay full price for this buffet. (Ok, not really, because I would never be without my coupons!!) It was really worth the money, though.

At this point, I have $380, a full belly and happy times.

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