Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stop #25 - Golden Gate (last stop)

After quick stops at Del Taco & In-N-Out Burger for takeout for the plane, we head back to the Golden Gate to retrieve our luggage and redeem our coupons for free decks of cards. As they were all out, we got dice and a keychain, which is just as good. Also, they told me that my card had been assigned $5 in slot play per day (doh! why didn't I check this on Saturday when we first went to Downtown!?) so I was able to turn that into a nice $7 win for my last free money of the trip.

Tucking my remaining $ into my pocket, we head for the airport. Arriving there, I input Davy's confirmation number and out pops his boarding pass. Heading for the Delta area, I put mine in to get this message in red "IT IS TOO LATE TO CHECK IN FOR THIS FLIGHT" showing a flight departure time of 7:20 PM (at this point it is almost 9:00 PM.) Panicked, I check my itinerary. Sure enough, I had written down the ARRIVAL time instead of the departure time. OMG OMG.

Thinking on my feet, I remember a rule from my flyertalk time - the so-called "Flat tire rule." Rushing to the counter, I inform him of my unfortunate flat tire. Looking like he trusts me just about as far as he can throw me, the gate agent nonetheless finds me a flight, with the same connecting flight out of Atlanta for an on time arrival. Unfortunately, this costs $50 which I begrudgingly hand over.

The agent assigns me a comfy bulkhead. Upon finding out that movies cost $6 and games are $5, I decide sleep is preferred. Unfortunately, the lady next to me was headed home for emergency surgery and the poor thing kept fidgeting and waking me up. As I had to be at work at noon (with a 9:30 AM arrival time from my red eye,) I was truly red eyed.

I finally arrived in Richmond on time, and paid $28 for my airport parking. In all, I came home from Vegas with $316, for a total trip cost of $284 for two people, including airfare, hotel, car rental, buffets, steak, lobster, show tickets, airline fiascos, enough booze to float a boat, and a weekend of gambling. Not too shabby.


  1. Man. From one slickdealer to another, your story truly warmed my heart.

  2. How can you forget about all the free drinking involved???

  3. That was hilarious and well written. Each reference to death be it yourself or inflicted upon Davy made me laugh out loud. Well done!

  4. Very well-written. I am using the MGM deal with the free buffets and getting a suite in January 2010. I am definitely going to read through your spreadsheet prior to going in order to save even more money.

  5. Great reading...heading to Vegas Sept. 13th for a week, going to be bringing your spreadsheet with. Thanks so much for all the info.