Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop #19 - The Poker Palace

The Poker Palace was pretty far from the Cannery. This dive is all one story and has a pretty large parking lot, which was surprisingly full. The security guard at the door seemed bored and full of doughnuts. The place was set up kind of strange and the walls were covered in mirrors. We had to loop around to find the players club. After signing up, we were offered Sun shades as free gifts for new players. I spotted a cheap little backpack – the drawstring kind that the kids use at sports practice - and asked very nicely if I could have that instead. Score! My nephew was really excited as he loves those little backpacks.

We took our matchplay over to the $1 blackjack table. We lost both of them. However, I had been trying to find an available $1 blackjack table all weekend and here one was, so we bought in for $5 a piece. After about 20 minutes, we were able to get our bankroll up to $18 & $12 – for an absolute break even. Pretty good considering we had tipped for a few cocktails along the way. We skeedaddled out of the Poker Palace so I wouldn’t have to contract syphilis in the bathroom there.

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