Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop #10 - Las Vegas Club

The Las Vegas Club was actually nicer than I expected. Way in the back near the bathrooms, we found the players club. First, I turned in the $5 printable coupon. The nice lady at the player’s club also gave us two free “Plaza” key chains for signing up. Matchplays in hand, we head for the blackjack table. The dealer must have liked us, because she busted every single time. $5 became $15. $10 of that became $30, meaning we both won $30. After a $5 tip for the beautiful blackjack dealer, we walked away with $55. Total remaining funds = $320.


  1. So, did you never try to use two matchplays from different books (LVA and ACG) at the same casino, e.g. Vegas Club?

  2. I only bought the ACG - no time to pick up the LVA unfortunately.

  3. Some casinos will let you use two (or more) others won't. We used both ACG and LVA coupons at Rampart and Sahara, but the Palms wouldn't let me use two coupons in one day (or at least one session). YMMV, but it never hurts to ask.