Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop #12 - Buffalo Bill's

Wow – I-15 has got to be the most boring road in the world. Straight as a pin, it extends from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Along the way are stops in South Las Vegas, Jean & Primm, NV (my final destination.) It’s a long, dull half hour to Primm. After getting off at the exit, we make a left. Seeing Buffalo Bill’s up and to the left, I am directed by Davy (who’s already been here) to make a left turn at the next light. WRONG!! That puts me back on I-15 North. With absolutely no turn-arounds, I am forced to drive all the way to Jean (17 miles!!) and then loop back. Wondering if misdirection is cause for justifiable homicide, I finally arrive back in Primm. After making the left at the SECOND light, I pull into Buffalo Bill’s.

The parking lot leaves a lot to be desired, as it is jam packed. I wander looking for a spot for several minutes. There are about a million motorcycles here and with the RV park across the street, I realize we’re not in Kansas any more. Can’t really knock the clientele who are there for the same $6 a day deal that we are.

I finally elect for valet parking and head up to my room. I barely glance at the room, take a quick shower, and collapse into the bed. Tip for the valet costs me $1, so I'm going to bed with $359 tucked into my pants.

The following morning in Primm, I decided to take advantage of an advertised special. They offered you up to $20 in free slot play if you bring them a receipt from their gas station. I proceeded to pump $20 into the rental car and presented my receipt. Along with my free money, they also gave me a cute t-shirt that said “Welcome to fabulous Primm, Nevada.” My $20 turned into $36. About to leave, I discovered $2 craps and decided to play. Unfortunately, there went my winnings as I crapped out with only $20. Oh well, nothing ventured – nothing gained. I did, however have a full tank of gas and a t-shirt out of the deal, with the same money in my pocket. Seemed good to me!

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